Series 492 now up to 1500 bar!

1500 bar – we’ve managed it.

With a truly big bang, Goetze KG breaks through the valve sound barrier.

Through the further development of the existing series 492, pressures up to 1,500 bar are ensured in the DN6 version.

In doing so, the GOETZE safety valve is only half as heavy and half the size as comparable valves. It is just this compact design that simplifies the integration of the valve where there is restricted installation space. Another resounding argument with regard to maximum flexibility is offered by the rotatable outlet body. The direction of the outlet can therefore still be adjusted after installation, which simplifies the installation of the valve in a line environment that already exists.

The high-pressure safety valves are set on a high-pressure test bench produced specifically for GOETZE. These types of systems are not a matter of course on the market and require specific planning. Using the new test bench as well as its own engineering efforts in the further development of the series 492, Goetze KG achieves a milestone in the field of high-pressure safety valves for technical gases. GOETZE therefore underlines its know-how as a solution partner in the field of hydrogen applications and thus supports the development of green hydrogen towards a promising substance in energy generation and storage as well as in the industrial sector.