Goetze solutions with foresight
In all areas of life, we are already concerned with questions about how the future should be shaped. This also applies to the further development of sustainable resources for power generation and green propulsion systems in mobility. Hydrogen is considered one of the most expectant materials in this case, since an innovative splitting process enables new hydrogen to be obtained without the need for fossil fuels.
Goetze is your partner when it comes to safety. We are playing our role to ensure hydrogen reaches the consumer safely – whether for industrial use or as fuel for their own car. We reliably safeguard refueling processes that are under high pressure and ensure a safe system for the storage of gases in large tanks. This means that there is no danger to the operator when using it and the new technology can be applied profitably for both people and the environment.
Various types are available, depending on specific application, medium and temperature. The 455 series is used to protect tanks and filling systems in connection with liquid hydrogen – however, the 492 series is used for high-pressure compressors and processing plants.
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