As an important supplier for the medical sector, we continue to produce and deliver reliably to our customers

Events around the world are even more fast-paced in the times of Corona than we already knew. Every day the number of cases is increasing and lack of capacity in hospitals and material is becoming apparent.
Worldwide, the demand for ventilators is growing rapidly every day to save lives and provide optimal patient care. Ventilator manufacturers depend on many highly relevant components, including safety valves to control safety and dosing processes. Consequently we reliably supply ventilator manufacturers, among others, even during this time and thus contribute to the protection of human lives. But you will not only find „Goetze“ components in ventilators – we also support manufacturers of disinfection technology by providing our products.
We would like to thank both the manufacturers of medical devices and all nursing staff and helpers for their tireless efforts to care for patients. Even in these challenging times, Goetze stands by its customers with high quality and safe products and guaranteed supply availability.