Series 492 GOX: Safety valve for oxygen applications up to 420 bar

A unique safety valve with swivel body outlet for gaseous oxygen and oxygen mixed gases.

Safety valves specially used for applications with oxygen are needed in multi-ple industries. Particularly in the production of technical gases, medical gases, by compressor manufacturers as well as component manufacturers and plant manufacturers.

Oxygen handling requires extreme care as regards all materials, sealing materials and lubricants used and in contact with oxygen to prevent application risks. Goetze takes account of these requirements: By offering a production process specifically designed for oxygen valves.

They are installed in a separate, isolated CLEAN room, which is pressurized with conditioned air at 20 millibar, so that the ingress of particles and contamination from the outside is avoided. Qualified and trained staff, com-pliance with all relevant codes and regular process monitoring of oil and grease-free cleaning, installation, inspection, packaging and labelling grant customers an oxygen-compliant valve for their applications.

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