The new electric Smart – a small, round and virtually silent companion, going by the name of LB-GO 90E, is the latest addition to Goetze KG’s fleet of vehicles.

Since September 2015, Goetze KG has been offering its employees the opportunity to enjoy a stress-free and environmentally-conscious journey to work. Around 30 % of the Goetze workforce have an e-bike and use it regularly for both work and leisure. This helps keep them fit and out of annoying traffic jams. In terms of tax considerations, the company bike is on a par with a company car.

“For me, the e-bike is the perfect means of transport for getting to work. I can stay fit and at the same time help to improve the company’s CO2 balance”, one Goetze employee commented.

With the acquisition of the electric Smart, Goetze has paved the way for the electromobility of the future. The little runabout has a range of 160 kilometres and maximum speed of 130 km/h, making it the perfect vehicle for urban traffic.

Around 34,000 electric vehicles, of which some 16,500 are electric Smarts, have been introduced onto German roads since 2006. And one of them now belongs to Goetze KG. Recent headlines show that the automotive industry is facing a turning point, with the number of electric vehicles being registered continuing to rise. This is down to progressive climate change and the finite nature of fossil fuels.

The solid battery of the electric Smart is mounted directly to the vehicle underbody which ensures a smooth and steady drive. Firmly focused on its goal. Just like Goetze KG, who are currently developing a mobility concept in order to lead by example when it comes to climate protection.